SANANBIO moves to high-value crops in their Radix module-Introducing Tea


Key points from Galen Zhou's enlightening presentation at the AVF summit by Association for Vertical Farming hosted at VertiFarm on Growing Tea in Vertical Farming at SANANBIO | Vertical Farming Solution Provider:

1️⃣   People around the world enjoy tea for various reasons, and the market is enormous. 2️⃣   SananBio guarantees safe tea production without pesticides and antibiotics, ensuring it's free from harmful residues. 3️⃣   Their process results in high-value-added tea that not only tastes great but surpasses control standards regarding aftertaste and body. 4️⃣   Heavy metal content is significantly below national standards, highlighting the benefits of indoor tea cultivation. 5️⃣   Vertical farming optimizes land use and standardizes the tea cultivation process. 6️⃣   SananBio offers a comprehensive solution, including LED grow lights, radix modules, ark container grow systems, and even control systems. 7️⃣   While automatic harvesting is a future project, their consistent tea leaf size makes hand harvesting efficient. Fun Fact: Output per unit area is over 60 times higher than traditional tea farming methods! The biggest challenge in growing tea indoors? Creating the perfect climate involved rigorous testing. Let's take inspiration from SananBio's innovative approach and work together to feed the world sustainably, introducing new crops that can be grown in VF. Connect with SananBio and explore the exciting world of vertical tea farming!

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